Norouz 2014

Bay Area Iranians Meetup Group Reservations

Norouz - Persian New Year Celebration

March 9, 2014, doors open 6:00pm
Menara Morrocan Restaurant
41 East Gish Road
San Jose, CA

Who profits from this show?

The Menara Moroccan Restaurant has for many years scheduled special Middle Eastern dance nights with dancers and sometimes live music. The dancers benefit by showcasing their talent at a popular dinner venue and afterward get a free dinner too. The restaurant makes the profit from what show patrons are charged. Neither I nor the dancers make money from the restaurant but enjoy performing for you!

A special note is the Desert Rose show (July 2012), the Yalda show (December 2012), and Norouz 2013 shows have been the first dance shows at the Menara anyone can recall that have had Persian ethnic dance. Both shows sold out well in advance and this upcoming Norouz show appears it will too.

Hassle-free payment for dinner

The restaurant management expects large groups to pay a single bill for their dinner even though special drinks might be billed to the table. Imagine the complexity of collecting payment from each of a members who pay cash and credit card after dinner and resolving it to the bill, members who might be dancing, eating, or have already left by the time the bill comes. It can be a mess which ties up members while the bill is settled and tries their patience! Also, we have made and held reservations for members who never came when other patrons were turned away. So we have organized a hassle-free means of paying your contribution to our dinner bill in advance using Paypal. With tax and gratuity the meal bill per person is $40.56. Paypal charges a small amount for an online transaction added to this. For details see below. Please help us all by paying your share in advance now.

Instructions to enjoy the show

  1. Pay online by Paypal for yourself and up to two guests no later than noon (12pm) Wednesday March 5, 2014.
  2. Arrive at 6:00pm at the Menara Morrocan Restaurant, 41 E. Gish Road.
  3. Meet with me (Kevin Greek) and other members of the Bay Area Iranian Meetup Group in the lobby. I will have a list of members who have paid online for the night's dinner. You will receive a voucher to confirm your hassle-free payment for the meal.
  4. Be seated by 6:30pm with the other Bay Area Iranian Meetup Group members.
  5. If you order special drinks (water or tea comes with the meal free) pay for them at your table to the waiter or at the bar.
  6. Enjoy the meal, show, and company with others. Be sure to stay for open floor dancing at the end!

Cost breakdown

The dinner and show deal for $32.00 (drinks not included) has an added tax (8.750%) and gratuity (18%) that must be paid. That adds up to $40.56 per person.

Show and Dinner Breakdown
# Patrons Cost Paypal fee (2.9% + 0.30) Total
(1) Yourself 40.56 1.48 42.04
(2) add 1 guest 81.12 2.65 83.77
(3) add 2 guests 121.68 3.83 125.51

Paypal payment for dinner


Select the number you are paying for then click the Add to Cart button. You are taken to the Paypal site. Make any corrections in the number of guests you are paying for there if you need to. Whatever combination you pay do not pay for more than yourself and two guests that you RSVP for.

To pay you need not have a Paypal account. If you wish to pay using your Credit/Debit card then click the Check Out button. If you have a paypal account choose Checkout with Paypal instead. Paypal will e-mail you a transaction receipt to you and will notify me you paid.

To be counted complete your payment no later than 12pm noon on Wednesday March. 5.

If you have any questions or issues e-mail Kevin Greek at I will provide a refund minus any transaction fees if you cancel 24hours in advance.


Thank you and enjoy the meal and show!

Copyright Kevin Greek, 2014